Crystals... At the Speed of Light...

. . . .The Typical Crystal and Copper Energy Session
What a Crystal Layout session will do for you. . .
  • Crystal Layout... Raises your body's vibration
  • Crystal Layout... Gives you channeled Angelic guidance
  • Crystal Layout... Helps you understand your Spiritual Journey
  • Crystal Layout... Empowers your chakras
  • Crystal Layout... Opens your Third Eye
  • Crystal Layout... Opens your Kundalini
  • Crystal Layout... Heals your vibration
  • Crystal Layout... Balances your Etheric Magnetic Field
  • Crystal Layout... Repairs warps and distortions in your aura
  • Crystal Layout... Strengthens your vibration
White Stilbite, Power the Crown Chakra with the emotions!

The main event of the crystal and copper-board energy session is more light and better delivery. The umbrella objectives are to raise vibration, heal, balance, clear blockages, be aware of personal truths, and to prepare for Light Body invocation and enlightenment.

Angelite, for invoking your higher truth! First, the sequence of events. A typical crystal layout session starts with an opportunity for the client to pose questions to be answered by the channel guides. Next, I do a brief meditation, during which time my guides instruct me as to which crystals to use. The client then lays on the copper board, the crystals are placed on or around the body, and the session begins. Time on the copper with crystals lasts roughly 25 minutes. While the client is receiving his or her balancing and energizing, I receive a written channel from my guides, the Councilate of the Ascended-Light, and from the client’s guides. How can you best take your next step on your spiritual path? The process is passive and works whether or not the client has conscious awareness. Thereafter, I de-brief the client providing insight about the crystals used; and I read the channel aloud (copy provided to take home) offering explanation and any perspectives that are not readily apparent.

Copper Energy Bed Second, the copper energy bed. The copper energy bed works to accelerate the physical body’s etheric magnetic field. It is an energy conductor, but works only with the energies already present in the body. Unlike magnets, arranged in a matrix, it does not add or impose additional energy, nor does it arbitrarily rearrange the configuration of the etherics. The copper energy bed is, therefore, quite safe to use. By accelerating the individual’s etheric field, the physical body’s energies come into balance. Dense areas receive light, and areas having an overwhelming amount of light come into balance. The copper energy bed brings the body’s etheric field patterns into their own natural flow and alignment. It removes blockages and warps, and strengthens weak spots. Thereafter, the body’s light frequencies flow in harmony. For a person that holds significant blockages, the affect of the copper will be noticeable. If the body is in good form, the copper will help redistribute light in the body faster, to give greater empowerment to the body, its chakras, and the general body essence.

Charoite Cabochon in setting Third, the crystals. In accordance with guidance from my guides, the Councilate of the Ascended Light, I place specific crystals on and around the body. Although the copper board accelerates the body’s energy field, it does not add any light or energy. Crystals do that. Each crystal works with its very own set of light frequencies. The body resonates with some frequencies brought forth by crystals, yet other frequencies will be too low to bother with, or too high to be acceptable. Enlightened guidance from the Councilate determines the best combination according to the state of an individual’s vibration. Guidance is important, too, because having a reasonable amount of additional light available, but not an overwhelming amount, keeps the client aligned with his or her path. Spirituality is a step-by-step process that does not include skipping ahead arbitrarily. The spirit guides will know what a person is ready for, and what amount of additional light is appropriate and safe.

Selenite, the crystal of the Light Body! Fourth, channelled enlightened guidance. While the client lies passively on the copper with crystals placed, the Councilate, in communication with the client’s higher self, dictates a written channel. The Councilate can address specific questions, yet does not make predictions. Rather, the answers provide perspective to the concerns expressed, and insights to a client’s spiritual progress. If a client chooses to leave the session open to receive what his or her spirit guides want to say, and does not ask specific questions, outcomes can be equally satisfying. I always feel vindicated in my personal truth, because every client receives help to more fully realize the directions of his or her spiritual path.

Finally, the Light Body. I am graced with the capacity to help my clients invoke their Light Bodies. Because the physical body needs to vibrate at a high frequency rate to be compatible with the Light Body, a number of sessions may be necessary. Considering that the Light Body–enlightenment–would have taken several lifetimes to acquire in past ages, a number of sessions is truly light speed.

Regardless of where an individual is positioned on his or her spiritual journey, even a single session of guided copper and crystal energy work is an accelerating experience.

In love and light,
Roger Joyeux
Calgary, Alberta

See prerequisites below.

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Welcome to the accelerated spiritual path!
Prerequisites for Crystal and Copper layouts:
  1. No Addictions:
    The empowerment that takes place empowers the will, along with the rest of the body and mind. If the will involves self-destructive behaviours, as is the truth of addictions, the session will enhance the power of self-destruction.

  2. Natural Fabric Clothing:
    Because the session accelerates the etheric magnetic field, and thereby boosts the body`s exposure to vibrations within the field, inappropriate substances such as synthetic materials and metal alloys are not allowed. This includes metal bra supports, metal zippers, blended materials, and jewellery. Wear 100% cotton or silk.
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Crystal Layout Session:

Crystal healing, balancing, and empowerment layout, with Ascended Master Channel (Allow 1.5-2 hours) $80

Light Body Layout Session:

Crystalline Light Body Empowerment Layout with Ascended Master Channel (Allow 1.75-2+ hours) (The invocation of the Light Body is possible when the body’s vibration is high enough, according to the guidance at the time. It may require a number of prior Crystal Layout Sessions.) $111