Silver Winged Angel Why do you call your business “Angels And Ancestors”?
Our name is a Divine inspiration or intervention. When Roger and I were flying home from our Angel Therapy workshop with Doreen Virtue, I was working out whether or not I would leave my job. I was making notes in my journal, and one of the questions that I asked was, “If we started a business, what should we name it?” The answer came back very quickly, “Angels And Ancestors”.  With this answer came a very fast vision of many Ancestors from all over the world mixed in with the gathering of Angels, all nodding and blessing the name. Then, the vision disappeared, and I knew that the name sounded right. I told Roger what had just happened and we talked over the name, and agreed to go ahead. Within several weeks of returning home, we registered the name, and Roger registered our website.
Why do you only offer the Crystal Light Workshop two times per year?
Angelite, Gift of Truth The reason that the workshop is only offered twice per year, up to now, is because that is what the interest supported. Starting this fall, however, there has been more interest, and Roger actually offered the workshop in both October (in Calgary) and November (in Olds). If there are groups that are interested in taking the workshop, they can contact Roger, and perhaps work out timing to have the workshop where the group is located.
Some of the workshops you were advertising have been deleted from your website. Why is that?
Angels And Ancestors changes just like any other business changes. Workshops that made sense back in 2007 no longer apply. Watch for new workshops in the area of channelling, advanced crystals information, crystal skulls, meditations, updated StarTalker classes, Keys of Enoch teachings, and the Teachings of Michael.
Why do you not teach Munay-Ki any more?
There are many wonderful teachers now teaching Munay-Ki. It is not something that Angels And Ancestors needs to do now.
Do you still sell crystals? I don’t see a store page on the website.
Yes, we still sell crystals. The Store Page is actually located under the Workshops link. Perhaps we should move it. Generally, we sell crystals at our workshops or at private sessions with clients. If there is something that you are looking for, please call us, and we may be able to either provide the crystal or source it for you.
When is Roger’s next book going to be published? I thought it would be out in the summer of 2009.
The Story of Light, Volume 2, Through Heaven's Gate Good question! So did we! However, in the manner of all creative endeavours, the book took a bit longer to edit than expected, along with all of the other things Roger was doing. Did we mention that Roger finished off his web design certification at SAIT? The good news is that his second book, The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate, was launched in April, and is now available. For purchase options, go to Roger’s website at Roger’s third book, which will be about how crystals work with light and our many bodies, is in the works. Stay tuned for the progress and the launch date.
Who designs your website?
Websites by Roger is our Web Master and our Web Designer. He creates each page and does the graphics. As our web site grows and becomes more complex, he spends a lot of time redesigning it to make it easier for people to move around the site.
What types of payment do you take?
We we accept personal cheques, and cash is always king.
How far in advance do we need to book sessions with Roger? With Judy?
We usually book sessions about two weeks out. However, if the time is right for us to get together to do work, then a spot usually opens up to accommodate the meeting. Cancellations do happen.