Reflections on Healing

Harp Angel Healing For the last century, we have become very reliant on western medicine.  It comforts us because it “cures” the symptoms of our ailment either by medicating it to submission or by cutting it out or apart to remove the rotten piece.  The medicine is all external and demands little of our minds and bodies other than to heal from the cure—particularly in the case of surgery.  We have all believed that this is the way it should be. Until now! Now we believe more and more that we must protect our bodies. We understand that there are different ways to heal. We see our bodies heal cuts and bruises naturally—sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.

At ANGELS AND ANCESTORS, we believe in using the body to heal itself. Just as we all have different tastes in movies, books or food, we will have a unique response with different practices.  We use several energetic healing methods that may be used on either adults or children.  (Children require parental supervision for sessions.) A brief explanation is provided for each technique.

“Healing” With Angels

Love Angel HealingDo you have issues or relationship problems that seem to recur in your life?  Do you have health problems that are unnamable and therefore seem untreatable?  Does your life feel unbalanced and do you have low energy?  Do you simply feel “out of touch” with yourself?  Are finances an issue for you?  Or, is your career not satisfactory?

These questions or many others may be answered in a therapy session with the angels.  This healing method is nondenominational and spiritual. During the session, the person learns about their guardian angels, archangels, and saints that surround them.  The Divine Guidance that one receives in these sessions does help the person understand the background behind their question, and provides a suggested solution to balance out the problem.

Doreen Virtue, PH.D., founded Angel Therapy® as a form of energetic or spiritual healing method in the 1996. She teaches this therapy to practitioners around the world. Judy and Roger certified as Angel Therapists® in November 2006 after taking the training in September and performing the required prerequisites.

Chakra Clearing

Transformational HealingYogis, Shaman, Wicca, Druids, and most healing modalities recognize that the physical body has energy centers or vortices which coordinate to control the body’s subtle energies. These chakras are the link points of body, mind and spirit or the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. Sometimes, we feel like we don’t have enough, or that we will never be free of the fear of surviving.  Perhaps we feel emotionally out of sorts or have issues around sexuality. If our personal power or will is being tested, or we have relationship challenges, or problems around communication, expression, intuition and spirituality, then we may look to the chakras for an answer.

Testimonial for Energetic Healing

Clearing My Negative Energy- by Anonymous Client

Healing with prayerI first met Judy at a course we both attended.  We continued to see each other after the course and became friends.  I learned that Judy has remarkable intuitive abilities and is skilled in many areas of energy work.  She is an instructor in Munay Ki Shamanic Rites and provides initiation into the 9 Rites for others.  Judy did an “Angel Card Reading” for me and during the reading she sensed a constrictor in my throat area that she felt was blocking my intuitive abilities.  We decided to work on the issue at a later time.

I returned to see Judy in October 2007.  Judy first cleared her healing room by calling in the protection of the 4 Directions and Archangel Michael.  We sat quietly as she connected with her guides.  She moved to where I was sitting and put her hands gently on my shoulders, then moved them up to the base of my neck. Judy asked me where I was born and I named a small hospital.  She asked me if I had been born with a cord around my neck, as that was the information she was receiving.  I replied that I had never been told that and as my parents are dead have no way of verifying it.  She then asked about other connections to the hospital.  I told her about the time I was 12 years old and had a tonsillectomy there.  The sutures cameapart and days later I was back in the hospital for another surgery.  That was very traumatic for numerous reasons I’m only beginning to admit.  My sister had a condition that required frequent blood tests and I would go with her to the hospital while she had them done.  I still recall the fear I felt watching the needles go repeatedly into her arm.  My father died in the hospital, as did my mother.  Judy said she felt heavy, thick cords attaching me to the hospital and events that happened there.  She said she could help, but I needed to do the work myself to cut the cords binding me there.  She handed me her wand that has a quartz crystal point at one end and a smoky quartz orb at the other end.

I stood and used the quartz point to cut chords while repeating a mantra of calling in Archangel Michael and all of my supporting guides and helpers to cut these cords.  It was a strong emotional experience and I was sobbing through it.  Afterwards she showed me how to pull the scales away by using candles to call in the fire. I repeated another mantra and ended by filling the void created with light and gratitude.  When I felt the process was complete Judy suggested it really had only started.  She said that I needed to continue cutting the cords on my own and we would meet again in a few weeks to assess the process.  Judy balanced my energy field and gave me a black tourmaline crystal to carry as protection for my field as I went through the rest of my day.  She closed the session by releasing the 4 Directions and expressing gratitude to all of our angels, guides and helpers for being there with us.

I continued to cut chords as Judy suggested over a period of several weeks.  I felt at the end of three weeks that the cords were almost gone and as I looked in the mirror thought my neck looked smaller too.  My sister gave me a necklace last year that I couldn’t wear because it wouldn’t fit around my neck.  I went and tried that necklace on and guess what?  Now I can wear it so there is real proof that my neck has indeed gotten smaller in size.

Judy has remarkable intuitive abilities and is skilled in many areas of energy work.  I am blessed to have met her on my journey and look forward to more experiences with her.

Angels And Ancestors Note—This client wanted to share her experience so that others could see how much difference clearing can make to a person, even physically. However, as this experience was intensely personal, she asks that you understand that she withholds her name.  We are grateful that she will share this story.

Energetic healing treatment or balance
Crystal Angel of Abundance

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