A Cleansing Meditation

Sit in meditation. Call in the Archangels to hold the space and keep it sacred for you. Ask all your angels and guides, for the highest good, to come in and help you pull out all the jealousy and blame in your heart. Feel the freedom that comes from letting this go. Even if you want to hang on to it, let it go. It is time. Let it be done!

Releasing What Holds You Back

This is a good night to meditate on those things that hold you back, and to ask the Goddess/God of the Moon phases to help you release the blocks and to get a blessing for that new project.

In your meditation, you may want to ask for healing of old wounds. These wounds may be physical such as breaks or surgeries or body hurts such as dislocations and sprains. Or, the wounds may be emotional or spiritual. Some may even have mental wounds that need to be healed.

Love is the glue that keeps the star systems inside the galaxies, inside the Universe, that keeps all of us in place. Giving thanks for love and for each other is a good way to end your meditation.

Meditation on Earth Breathing

Earth from Apollo 17 (NASA)

If you are having difficulty picturing the difficulty that Mother Earth is having with her breathing, take a few minutes to do this meditation.

Meditation on Earth Breathing

Put on some very tight clothes.

  1. Sit as comfortably as you can in meditation position – perhaps full lotus.
  2. As you start the meditation, breath in deeply for a count of seven, hold for seven, and release for seven.
  3. Do this for a minute.
  4. Notice how difficult it is to take a deep breath? Even after you have done several of them, the going seems to get tougher, and not easier.
  5. Try it again to see if it easier the second time.
  6. Now, go and change clothes and get into some very comfortable, loose clothing.
  7. Try the same exercise again.
  8. Do you see the difference? Do you feel the difference? Do you feel like stretching after you get into the looser clothing?
  9. It is the same for Mother Earth.
  10. Now, do the breathing, taking in very deep breaths, and imagine that you are harmonizing your breath to the Mother’s.
  11. Feel your anxiousness subside. Feel the Earth become calmer. Feel the Oneness, and the peace.
  12. Do this breathing exercise for ten minutes.
  13. When you are finished, bow to Mother Earth nine times to honour her journey, and thank her for providing the greater home that you live on.
  14. Clear your space, and return to the Now.
Have a great day!

Words and Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider

Find a quiet place to sit. Ask the Archangels from the highest levels and planes to come and surround you and keep you safe while you do your meditation. Ask them to be above you and below you as you meditate.

Then, visualize a path before you that goes through a small meadow towards a grove of trees.

Follow the path through the meadow and smell the fresh green grass and the deep mellow smell of the Earth. These smells are so different than the smells in the city.

As you get closer to the grove, see that this is a small grouping of trees – some pine, and cedar, some oak, some poplar, some mountain ash or rowan trees with their bright, red berries, and some saplings of poplar and maple with a few cranberry and Saskatoon bushes to complete the grove.

You can smell the pine and cedar, and they refresh you.

Now you enter the grove, and you see that it is actually a ring of trees around an open space. In this space are five flat stones which are perfect for sitting on and meditating.

You go and sit on one of them. You notice activity and you see that your guardian angels from the highest realms have also come to sit with you. You feel safe and protected.

You close your eyes, and wait.

Grandmother Spider

Soon Grandmother Spider comes into the circle and touches your shoulder. You open your eyes.

She smiles at you and she gives you the gift of your words that you need to hear – words that are important for your life and your action right now.

Listen to them.

Repeat them so you can write them down later.

Grandmother Spider might then give you a little vision around the words. Or, she might give you more information tonight in dream time. Either way is perfect.

Thank Grandmother Spider for her words.

Sit quietly and meditate on the words.

When you are ready, thank your guardian angels for being present, and then take the path and follow it back to where you started.

When you are ready, return to the now moment.

Thank your Archangels for being present and protecting the space.

Sit quietly for a few minutes before going back to your regular routine.

Remember to write down your words!

Have a wonderful day!


Archangel Jeremiel for Parenting, Children, and of Pets

One meaning of Jeremiel is “Mercy of God”

Jeremiel is often called the Archangel of Parenting, Children, and of Pets.

Most beloved souls – you who have braved incarnation so many times that our love knows no bounds for you – I am one of your many resources, and yet many do not call on me. I am part of your plan. I am there to assist you as a child, as a parent, as one who needs the support of a very special pet. Yes, pets are angels who come in many shapes and forms. All are much loved by the Highest Realms. We hear the prayers for assistance in life, or to become more peaceful, and the Heavens send you a pet.

It is part of your nature, beloved souls, to love! You all find it so easy to love others. The biggest task is to love yourself as well. We angels love you so much! We do not see all the faults that you attribute to yourself. It pains us that you learn this over and over from your families – parents and siblings and grandparents and extended family. Yet, it is part of the lessons that you have written. We can help you remember how to overcome these painful moments in your lives. Simply ask me, Jeremiel, or any of the other angels for help, and we will be there!

A simple meditation that you can do is around releasing all those characteristics that you see as faults.

Call in the Angels for protection.

Sit or lie down, and get comfortable.

Breath in and out very deeply three or four times.

Then ask Archangel Jeremiel to come in and take away all the memories and pain around the hurt of “being stupid”.

Allow your memory of this hurt to surface, and then allow for me to take it away. This may take a minute or two.

Move on, and ask for other hurts to be removed.

See the notes below for more hurts that you may remove using this tool.

Here are some words that you may use to take away the pain. “Dear God, please clear all this energy around this hurt I carry - the pain of “being stupid”. Ask the Angels to pull out any pain that I cannot identify, and please clean it and heal my pain so that my energy and my body are healthy and happy, and that my emotional body and spiritual body is whole.”

If you still feel some pain, say this mantra over and over.

When you feel complete, give thanks. “I am grateful to God, the I AM presence and to Archangel Jeremiel, for this healing that they have provided. I ask that all healing be completed backwards and forwards in time, across all levels, plains, and dimensions, and that all my energies are now brought back into balance. I am truly grateful.”

Let the energies work.

When you feel complete, take a deep breath, shrug your body, and feel for changes in it such as lightness, tightness, density, etc. This tells you what has been cleared (lightness), and what work has yet to be done (tightness).

Return to the now moment.

Thank the angels for the sacred circle.

Some hurts that are common to most of you are:

  • “being careless”,
  • or “being worthless”,
  • or “being useless”,
  • or “being shameless”,
  • or “being without thanks”,
  • or “being ungrateful”, etc.

I leave you now. Please ask me any questions that come up from this, and know that I am with you in Oneness, and in peace.

Archangel Jeremiel through Judy

Releasing Jealousy and Blame

What is the point of jealousy and blame?

Sit in meditation.

Call in the Archangels to hold the space and keep it sacred for you.

Ask all your angels and guides, for the highest good, to come in and help you pull out all the jealousy and blame in your heart.

Feel the freedom that comes from letting this go.

Even if you want to hang on to it, let it go.

It is time.

Let it be done!



One of the things that I have learned about meditation is – there are many more ways to meditate than one could practice in this lifetime. I quite enjoy the Buddhist meditations. Here is one that I thought would be a good one for these times that seem to be creating a lot of stress for people.



A very effective method to relax the body by stressing all the muscles, holding that 5 to 10 seconds, and then releasing the tension.

  1. Sit or lie in a relaxed way.
  2. Put an extremely tense expression on the face, straining as many face muscles as possible. (If you practise Yoga, then you might use the Lion’s Pose here.)
  3. Take a deep breath and forcefully hold it. (Use a count of three to start with, and then, as you practice, increase the count for holding the breath to ten.) Relax by Stressing
  4. Now slowly release the breath and the tension of all the face muscles, feel as if you breathe out all stress.
  5. Inhale deeply again and stress all neck and shoulder muscles, and then let go. (If you feel slightly dizzy, simply keep breathing until the feeling passes.)
  6. Inhale, make fists and stress the arms, and then let go.
  7. Inhale, stress chest, belly and back and then let go.
  8. Inhale, stress buttocks, legs and feet and then let go.
  9. If you still feel tension at some places, just stay relaxed. Don't hold the breath now and slowly breath out, and release all the tension while breathing out.

Now, sit in this moment of relaxation, and ask your body to enjoy the feeling, and to remember the feeling, so that your body can recall it at will. Note that this will take some practice.